Episode 34 - Communicating in Conflict!

Episode 34 - Communicating in Conflict!

Update: 2020-12-15


In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti get real and have a conversation about communicating in conflict.

When we came up with this topic, we explored being okay to say no and have a fall-out with someone. People pleasers struggle with saying no because they are scared, leading to the person not liking them or getting upset with them.

Nowadays, people are quick to avoid or ghost others instead of talking to each other. They wash their hands of people and walk away. It is easier to bail than to communicate. We hope this is not the case; we know it is better to discuss things, whether pleasant or not, for relationships to last. Patti wrote a blog called "Damaged Relationships - Are They Salvageable?" It is about fall-out relationships and how unforgiveness causes physical and emotional harm.

In episode Episode 21- Lack of Communication and Overworked! Angela and Patti talked about communicating at work or when working from Home when overwhelmed with the workload.

Working relationships do have fall-outs that are not pretty. Avoidance makes more stress within the Workplace because the little things start adding up to big things when not addressed. That's when all hell breaks loose in the Workplace, and people explode, get burnt out, start overthinking, become anxious, have low morale and no motivation, or even worse, quit and walk out without any notice. Patti did a blog called - How to Respond to Unprofessional People!

  1. Journal about what happened. Reflect on how they may respond to you.

  2. Create a plan of action on how to communicate calmly and to respond sensibly.

In the blog post series called Bad Leadership Styles. The series is how to identify different styles of Leadership with suggestions on guidance to address these negative behaviors. I will provide the link in the show notes.

How to Keep the Relationship Tips:

Work on your feelings first: Are you angry and denying it? What are you feeling? If it's about being right. Why do you need to be, right? Being right is always based on a belief that you should be better than someone. Why do you have to be better than someone?

If you're listening to this in the holidays and you want to focus on having better relationships, then take this time to envision or pray or imagine the type of affection or connection you would love in your relationships.

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Episode 34 - Communicating in Conflict!

Episode 34 - Communicating in Conflict!

Angela & Patti