DiscoverWelcome to FloridaEpisode 35: SHARKS!
Episode 35: SHARKS!

Episode 35: SHARKS!

Update: 2021-02-16


This week's episode begins with Craig Pittman's latest story for the Florida Phoenix about the remarkable discovery of a new whale species in the Gulf of Mexico. The whale was washed up on a beach near the Florida Everglades allowing scientists to study the animal. In doing so, they determined it had died as the result of a piece of plastic cutting through its stomach.

Single use plastics have become one of the greatest threats to the environment and animals globally, particularly fish and marine mammals. Learn more about the growing epidemic of plastic pollution and what is being proposed at a federal level to combat it. Make your voice heard. is increasingly coming under fire and being pressured to reduce the amount of plastic it uses.

Oceana is a conservation group doing good work globally to protect our oceans.

This week's guest is Gavin Naylor, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the University of Florida.

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Episode 35: SHARKS!

Episode 35: SHARKS!

Chadd Scott