DiscoverBuilding Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and PattiEpisode 35 - Emotional and Physical Self-Healing Reset!
Episode 35 - Emotional and Physical Self-Healing Reset!

Episode 35 - Emotional and Physical Self-Healing Reset!

Update: 2021-01-05


In today's podcast, we will share some techniques to refocus your energy, which can also help you reset yourself for the year.

What is Physical Self-Healing?

Physical self-healing is learning and creating habits that support you, your body, and your spirit. And recognize and release patterns that are out-dated and need to go, such as workaholic tendencies, wasting your energy, thinking bad about yourself and others, and putting your body's health last.

Tips on Resetting your Physical and Emotional Energy:

  1. Setting an intention for the year to determine your focus for your life.

  2. How does the intent take you further than last year?

  3. Did you achieve your goals for last year? Why not

  4. What would you love to try this year?

  5. Is it more or less of what you are doing?

Physical Reset Tips:

1. Shower. And imagine the water washing over you is fresh life energy and white light. Feel that light is releasing the past.

2. Go to the ocean and release old energy.

3. Visualize yourself in a bubble of light to accept who you are just the way you are without attempting to change or be different. Light is used in healing to wash in different vibrations because we are vibrating; from our blood flow to our heartbeat, we are always vibrating. You can even now imagine yourself in a bubble of any color light and notice how it makes you feel.

4. Angela does meditation to walk you through this technique quickly on the podcast. BREATHE. FEEL HEART AND FEEL BREATH and LET GO of OLD and FOCUS ON NEW BREATH. Take a few breaths to refocus your energy.

Ask the following and see what comes to you.



Every Monday in 2021, Angela has a FB live where you can breathe for 7 minutes and focus on what you want to manifest and focus on during the week. 

Angela is starting a new meditation class.  Jan 13, 2021, at 9 pm EST and 7 pm MT and 6 pm PT Wednesdays or 1 pm Thursdays Jan 14, 2021, in Sydney the next day.

Patti's 21 Days to Optimal Work/Life Balance Program and affirmation cards.

How to write an affirmation:

*Start with the words I am?

*Use the word or statement in the present tense.

*State it in the positive. Affirm what you want.

*Keep it brief, specific, clear, and straightforward.

*Have a word with (ing)

*Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word.

*Make the affirmation, so it resonates with you!

AffirmationI am resetting my focus on my dreams!

Patti gave an example:  Someone that works all the time and has little attention or focus on their body or health.  

*What are the benefits of leaving work on time?

*What actions will you put in place to leave work on time?

*How will you use this extra time to focus on a healthy lifestyle?

*Describe your life after achieving this?

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Episode 35 - Emotional and Physical Self-Healing Reset!

Episode 35 - Emotional and Physical Self-Healing Reset!

Angela & Patti