DiscoverShine at Work (formerly known as Getting off the Hamster Wheel)Episode 35 - Identifying And Leveraging Your Zone Of Genius
Episode 35 - Identifying And Leveraging Your Zone Of Genius

Episode 35 - Identifying And Leveraging Your Zone Of Genius

Update: 2021-11-22


In this week’s episode, I talk with Jessica Lackey.  Another guest that had an extremely successful career on paper with roles at McKinsey and Nike and a degree from Harvard Business School.  But what they don’t really prepare you for is the incredible pressure, competition and honestly obsession that is placed on someone (or we place on ourselves) in those roles.   For Jessica, that took a real toll on her health, both physically and mentally.   She realized she had to make a change.  So she looked at her unique skills set in operations and business strategy and combined that with her outside interests in energy and health coaching and has created a business where she helps entrepreneurs and leaders not lose their soul in their work.  So they don’t get to a point that she got and can grow their business in a healthy and successful way!

More about Jessica Lackey....
Jessica Lackey is a Business Integrator and Coach that helps individuals and businesses transform their results while reclaiming their time, freedom, and legacy. Jessica combines master coaching with deep experience as a corporate warrior and has 15 years of experience in the best of corporate America, at McKinsey and Company, Nike and Electrolux Major Appliances. Jessica is an ACC Certified Coach and an Awaken Your Life Master Coach-Trainer.  Jessica has a MBA from Harvard Business School, engineering degrees from Virginia Tech and Penn State and is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and PN1 Certified with Precision Nutrition.

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Enroll in the Soul and Strategy Clarity Accelerator Program for business leaders to set up a successful 2022 and reference "Shine at Work"  to receive an extra coaching call to help you get ready for your year!

In this episode you’ll specifically learn...

  • How to make the declarative statement about what you want and how to ask for help in getting it
  • How to remove your limiting beliefs and find the confidence to make the leap
  • The importance of creating space to think, see and listen to yourself, your body, your mind and your soul

I’m Karen Weeks, the Founder & Principal Coach at KDW Coaching, the host of the Shine at Work podcast, a speaker, published author, Girls in Tech NYC board member and award winning culture leader (currently leading the People team at Ordergroove). My purpose is guiding individuals to get unstuck from a career that is draining them and transform their careers so they can feel the same renewed energy I did all those years ago when I transitioned from theatre to human resources to coaching. I live in NYC with my husband and furry babies!

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Episode 35 - Identifying And Leveraging Your Zone Of Genius

Episode 35 - Identifying And Leveraging Your Zone Of Genius