DiscoverTech StoryEpisode 37 - Catenya McHenry
Episode 37 - Catenya McHenry

Episode 37 - Catenya McHenry

Update: 2021-05-08


Catenya McHenry is an award-winning communications director at the University of Texas at
Austin, an entrepreneur, TV host, producer, author, inventor, actor, and a ReStylist- helping
clients engineer new ways to style and re-wear clothes they already have.

Committed to producing original, relatable content for streaming and broadcast platforms, in
February 2020 Catenya’s production company, Studio7 Films launched The Mom Who Can’t
Cook show, a comical cooking show about a mom who can’t cook. In 2018, she released her
first book, Married to a Narcissist: Enduring the Struggle and Finding You Again. Its story
chronicles her devastating journey of life in a toxic, narcissistic relationship but guides her
readers through steps of how to break free of the same abuse, set boundaries, and rediscover
who they are. In 2016, Catenya invented SoleMate Sox, patent-pending magnet socks that
cling together in the wash- the world’s first solution for lost and missing socks.

Born+raised in L.A., the hub of film+fashion, Catenya was destined to be the mix. Her Dad
owned a video production company and from there, her love of stories and storytelling ignited
but she was always drawn to the message and the story behind the story — the story that’s not
always told and the one with a different human perspective. She began her career as a TV news
reporter in Lafayette, Louisiana. Within eight months, she was advancing to an education
reporter position in Austin, Texas and later became their morning show anchor. As a news
broadcaster with a career spanning two-decades, Catenya has logged thousands of stories and
TV appearances for all the major networks, including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and the CW.

Catenya McHenryHer constant curiosity and aspirational ambition framed her next opportunity. She flipped her skills and quickly ascended to corporate executive level becoming a public relations executive, communications expert, and crisis communications coach. She later used that experience to open two PR firms+ a production company. Never satisfied with just one thing at a time, Catenya’s love of film and the creative process prompted her to probe the industry which
yielded tremendous success. She is SAG credited for principal roles in two films, Miss Congeniality and The Life of David Gale. She has also appeared in dozens of industrial commercials for TV, corporate and print campaigns and has been voice-over talent in a host of radio commercials.

Catenya is currently converting what would be her second book into a podcast about fear,
working full-time, producing other original shows, and raising her three teenage children.
Together, they love to explore the outdoors and run as well, finishing a handful of 5K races.
Catenya stays active as a marathoner and rollerblader

F**K Fear podcast
Insta & Twitter @Catenya

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Episode 37 - Catenya McHenry

Episode 37 - Catenya McHenry

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