DiscoverShine at Work (formerly known as Getting off the Hamster Wheel)Episode 37 - The Importance Of Being Happy At Work
Episode 37 - The Importance Of Being Happy At Work

Episode 37 - The Importance Of Being Happy At Work

Update: 2021-12-06


In this week’s episode, I talk with Aoife O’Brien.  Aoife built an incredible career in international business, focusing on  insights, data, category research and a lot of other really interesting projects.  But as she worked for different companies, she realized that she was in toxic environments more often than not, where “companies, and individuals, should have been making  better decisions”.  The researcher and data nerd in her took over and she started researching what actually made people happy at work.  Now she works with companies to use data to create great cultures, where company and personal values align and people actually are happy at work!

 More about Aoife...
Aoife is a Happiness at Work expert. Her mission is to help organizations to increase employee retention by using culture-fit in their hiring decisions. She is passionate about ‘fit’ and specifically how creating the right environment can help individuals to reach their full potential and support organizations to thrive. She helps HR and business leaders to make data-driven decisions, with a specific focus on values, needs, and strengths. Aoife has been featured on several media platforms and podcasts speaking about ‘fit’ as well as imposter syndrome. She has also delivered a number of keynote speeches on these topics. She also has her own podcast, Happier at Work.

Before launching her own business, Aoife had a successful 17 years in the corporate world, working with global clients like Coca Cola, Unilever and Heinz to solve marketing problems using data analytics. She has lived and worked in Dublin, London, Perth, and Sydney and has a MSc in Work and Organisational Behaviour, a Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching and a Certificate in Career Coaching.

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In this episode you’ll specifically learn...

  • That you always have a choice, even if that choice is to stay at your current company (“I choose X because Y is important to me at this time”)
  • How to identify what is important to you at an organization and your deal breakers
  • How to identify your unique strengths and bring those into a career

I’m Karen Weeks, the Founder & Principal Coach at KDW Coaching, the host of the Shine at Work podcast, a speaker, published author, Girls in Tech NYC board member and award winning culture leader (currently leading the People team at Ordergroove). My purpose is guiding individuals to get unstuck from a career that is draining them and transform their careers so they can feel the same renewed energy I did all those years ago when I transitioned from theatre to human resources to coaching. I live in NYC with my husband and furry babies!

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Episode 37 - The Importance Of Being Happy At Work

Episode 37 - The Importance Of Being Happy At Work