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Episode 38: Racial Justice Activism

Episode 38: Racial Justice Activism

Update: 2019-03-24


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## Episode 38: Racial Justice Activism

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Guest Emily Weisenberger is a second year MA student at the University of South Florida. She is studying applied anthropology with a concentration in cultural anthropology. Her research focuses on social movements, activism, race, policy, and the criminal justice system. Emily also studied anthropology as an undergrad at the University of Virginia where she graduated with a bachelors in anthropology and public policy.

Racial justice activists in Tampa Bay engage in a discernable community and culture structured as a movement of social transformation. Data from eleven interviews and more than 100 hours of participant observation show that activists engage in thoughtfully intentional actions collectively decided in order to change minds, change policy, educate, heal, and ultimately improve their community. They are guided by and practice anti-capitalistic and intersectional ideologies and motivated through injustices learned from those around them or from personal experience with discrimination. The intention of this paper is to describe activists as they are rather than as they are depicted in the popular imagination, as well as to share the insights of racial justice activists to the public for their own use.

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Episode 38: Racial Justice Activism

Episode 38: Racial Justice Activism