DiscoverTech StoryEpisode 38 - Georgina Playsted
Episode 38 - Georgina Playsted

Episode 38 - Georgina Playsted

Update: 2021-05-16


Georgina was born in the gold mining town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia(gold diggers from way back)

She’s the youngest of 3 & her ‘the favourite’ (self proclaimed of course)
Georgina’s working life began as a barber in 1982 & then after many various jobs in hospitality she went on to fly for Ansett Australia as a flight attendant for 7 years

After Ansett’s fatal collapse in 2001, same week as 9/11 Georgina found herself jobless & she went back to school & jumped into new career as a remedial massage, running her own business to make ends meet in between working at an organic produce shop for 12 years

Fast forward to 2017 she began contract work in her business ‘Evolve‘ at a healthcare facility where she made friends with a skeleton named ‘Harold’

Harold featured in many videos on LinkedIn, Doug’s favourites...but has since been ditched and replaced by an addiction for creating animal inspired content, thus leading to the writing of a book called ‘Animal Wisdom’ A story book for adults full of wisdom from the mouths...& beaks of animals

Georgian launched Animal Wisdom on May 4th, Star Wars Day due to her nerdish obsession with the movie franchise...Yoda being her personal favourite

She achieved great success with book sales thanks to her very supportive connections on LinkedIn & FB

Animal Wisdom affirmation cards to accompany the book are currently in production & will be ready for sale very soon

Current work status.......not sure what she wants to be when she grows up...

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Episode 38 - Georgina Playsted

Episode 38 - Georgina Playsted

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