DiscoverSports HonchosEpisode 38 - Sunday Sports Smash!
Episode 38 - Sunday Sports Smash!

Episode 38 - Sunday Sports Smash!

Update: 2021-08-08


Hosted by Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

The Honchos were back after summer vacation for another action-packed showgram. You spoke, we listened, and we did the show anyway. The Honchos opened the show with some movie talk and then dove right into some headlines - Wolfie Van Halen, the death of Ron Popeil and the potential bacon panic in California next year.

The Honchos opened the long overdue sack of sports by offering up some opinions on why nobody is watching the Olympics, followed by a tribute to the late Bobby Bowden, and a look at the changing landscape of major conference college football.

The NHL/NBA/MLB segment was hopping this morning with fresh-baked goodness: Evander Kane, the Chicago Blackhawks, Marc-Andre Fleury, the Ingleside Lakers, MLB trade talk, the new name of the artist formerly known as the Cleveland Indians, Mets bashing, Trevor Bauer still on suspension, and they ended the segment with a smidge of positivity - the upcoming MLB "Field of Dreams" game.

The NFL is back (sort of) and so was a beefed up NFL recap. Pre-season boredom, Dan Campbell's morning coffee habit, the obligatory Deshaun Watson update, confirmation of Aaron Rodgers as a money-hungry diva, the Carson Wentz injury and the return of Philip Rivers(?), and the WooFTskins banning Native-American headdresses and face paint from home games.

Despite all of that gluttony, the Honchos still managed to squeeze in the Dope of the Week to end the shenanigans. This week's winner was Kirk Cousins, QB of the Minnesota Vikings.

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Episode 38 - Sunday Sports Smash!

Episode 38 - Sunday Sports Smash!

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