DiscoverCourageous RecoveryEpisode 39 - Interview with Brian Alston
Episode 39 - Interview with Brian Alston

Episode 39 - Interview with Brian Alston

Update: 2020-11-19


My guest on Episode #39 is Brian Alston, who resides on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Brian is a pioneer in providing education and training for individual persons and communities who are seeking multi-generational economic results via greater dimensions in growth and change.

The primary focus on this podcast episode is to create awareness for the Kauai Men’s Conference 2020 Virtual Event that’s taking place November 21, starting at 10am and concluding at 1pm Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. It will be broadcast on Facebook and other channels. This year’s theme is “Health & Wellness across the Lifespan”.

There’s a great lineup of local speakers and presenters, plus you won’t want to miss the “island theme” and special activities. Registration is free and I’d like you to share this information will all your connections.

Register here: 

Since 2016 the Kauai Fatherhood Council has hosted an annual Men's conference to challenge the growth of men in areas of values, responsibility, accountability, love and sacrifice in our relationships with family and community.

The ongoing work Brian and others focus on draws from fields of knowledge such as Social, Emotional, Cultural and Moral Intelligence they create strategic partnerships between and across people groups, fields of knowledge and expertise to address current concerns in local communities.

Their associations invite Professionals of all fields of knowledge and expertise to participate as Advisors to the Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative. If interested please check out their Green Hawaii Conferences and join their working groups based on locales of interest and areas of humanitarian concern. The have focused projects in Hawaii, Appalachia, Detroit, Haiti, Greensboro, California and the Navajo Nation.









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Episode 39 - Interview with Brian Alston

Episode 39 - Interview with Brian Alston

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