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Episode 4: 21st Century Skills

Episode 4: 21st Century Skills

Update: 2020-01-22


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Preparing young people for the workplace they will find when finishing their education has, for some time now, cast a spotlight on what are often called ‘21st century skills’. Interviewees this episode explore why these skills are so important to the region, as well as some essential considerations when aiming to incorporate them into curricula. Join Rob Lewis and Professor Simon Borg as they interview Dr Tara Béteille, Senior Economist at the World Bank, Shankar Adhikari, Curriculum Officer, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Government of Nepal, and Dr Akanksha Bapna, Founder and CEO, Evaldesign.

The episode includes discussion of the following research and initiatives:

Ready to Learn. Ready to Thrive. Before School, In School and Beyond School in South Asia. (World Bank, 2019)

Enhancing youth employability: What? Why? and How? Guide to core work skills. (International Labour Organisation, 2013):

Partners in Life Skills Education: Conclusions from a United Nations Inter-Agency Meeting. World Health Organization. 1999:   

Framework for 21st Century Learning. (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2009):

OECD Learning Compass framework:

The Handbook on Measuring 21st Century Skills:

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Episode 4: 21st Century Skills

Episode 4: 21st Century Skills

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