Discover1619Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started
Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started

Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started

Update: 2019-09-1444


Black Americans were denied access to doctors and hospitals for decades. From the shadows of this exclusion, they pushed to create the nation’s first federal health care programs. On today’s episode: Jeneen Interlandi, a member of The New York Times’s editorial board and a writer for The Times Magazine, and Yaa Gyasi, the author of “Homegoing.”

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John Moore

Oh boy, the Freedmen's Bureau. If there's an example of attributing malice to stupidity, this is it. The Reformation was the most difficult time in the history of our federal government, hands down, and the only thing close to it is the Great Depression. We just had a bloody, divisive, and crippling civil war. The government needed to be brought back together from a divide so polarized that they were literally two different countries, and compromise just enough not to not piss off the winners and avoid hurting the losers. ALSO, a group of people equivalent to the population of the city of Los Angeles proper was now homeless, unemployed, and freed from the only system (brutal as it may have been) that they had ever known. In a world that would have been free of all racism, you're NOT solving all those problems and doing a perfect job. Hell, let's be honest, you're gonna screw it up, and a LOT of people are gonna die, because you are NOT a fucking god. My guess, there were a lot of racist folks making the problem worse, but there were probably a lot of good people who just couldn't fucking handle a job this big. The government can't solve everything, people. I'd advise you to consider how massive this country is, how many people are living completely separate lives from your own, how many wants and needs they have, before you start to think "The government's got [name an issue] figured out for all of us."

Sep 18th
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A rewriting of history to suit the victim narrative. How convenient.

Sep 17th
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Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started

Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started