DiscoverRed BallEpisode 4: Item 8063
Episode 4: Item 8063

Episode 4: Item 8063

Update: 2019-11-1841


First Sergeant Bill Dalton is taking a new approach to solving this 41-year-old cold case, and this new approach has uncovered new evidentiary possibilities that may be the killer's undoing.

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Crystal Dimas

case is definitely eerie. i enjoyed the first 2 episodes. after that i was lost. im new to listening to your podcasts and im intrigued. keep up the good work.

Dec 17th
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Victoria Valentine

why the f&tyck is she talking about herself the public and struggles she had instead of the case. 50 % of these episodes is her stroking the cops dick and pleading her case. get a grip it's horrible listening to that bS over and over again. report the case don't repitively suck law enforcement dick and bitch about the challenges u faced over and over and over. we already listen to ads. ..we get it. WTF a serious comment at the end would have sufficed. everytime I get interested in the story here we go about your challenges! your lucky you have such a great career with little challenges that aren't positive. your dealing with murder people are gonna be offended. your also dealing with entertainment and money, people's dreams do what you do and your getting a big step up by public paid officials but I do think u earned it, regardless people are gonna bitch but we don't wanna hear about it. that's part of the job u and the cops got deal with that's definitely not what and why we tuned in! that whole podcast could've been done in 2 episodes!

Dec 6th

Nicole Rehr

I feel very let down. So much build-up for essentially nothing. Who the victims were was lost in what seemed like a "look at what I got to do" framework. I don't feel as if I got to "know" how the people involved felt or were being affected as progress was made. Too much commentary was focused on how podcasts and media can either help or hinder investors. And again, too much focus on "look at what I am doing" to help and avoid hindering. The content was vague, unfocused, and glossed over. Ashley is a good storyteller, but, in my opinion, there was no story being told.

Dec 5th
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Erica Strand

The fresh new thing here is telling how media involvement and reinvigoration of cold cases by podcasting actually hurts police investigation... so tell me more about that. The thesis is that she’s doing something new with cops to help the investigation, but I’m left wondering exactly what that is.

Dec 3rd
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Jason B

Wait this was the entire series?

Nov 26th
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Pam Roberson Livingston

Very good podcast. A lot of points of view on the different sides working a case.

Nov 26th
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Episode 4: Item 8063

Episode 4: Item 8063