DiscoverAs UnFake As It GetsEpisode 4: Know Your Worth
Episode 4: Know Your Worth

Episode 4: Know Your Worth

Update: 2021-03-16


In this episode it's co-host Muff aka M-U Double aka The Co-Host with No Notes aka Muffin So Black aka Muffin Too Black giving you his views and opinions through the eyes of an African American and it's also the host Nick aka Nicky Podcast aka Nicky J Fox aka Mr Hold Nothing Back aka Plenty Monikers aka The Host with the Most Notes giving you his opinions through the eyes of a Native American Indian of the Choctaw Tribe! | The guys get into the trending topics and celebrity news of the past few weeks such as Trey Songz video of spitting in girls mouths, LeBron James keeping his vaccine choice a secret, March Madness bracket predictions, Sharon Osborne and Sheryl Underwood's heated race debate, Meghan Markle versus the Royal Family, Drake's new accomplishment, Cardi B going diamond off "Bodak Yellow", new music by Drake, Kevin Gates, NF ft Hopsin and Clever ft Lil Wayne. | The guys also get into some shooting the breeze topics such as it's amazing that the voice of self conscious everyone has in their head volume is always the same, kids who don't know right from wrong still know to lie and much more. | Nick gives an indie podcast called "Hot Tub Topics" the Overnight Celebrity treatment! | The guys play a voicemail from a loyal listener named Ray Lofton! | Make sure you follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Twitter/Instagram @AsUnFakePodcast | Visit the website | Special thanks to the podcast listening app/website Podcast Republic which you can download in the Google Play store or you can stream from their website | Don't forget to tell your friends and family about "As UnFake As It Gets" and click that follow/subscribe button wherever you're listening! | Be sure to leave a voicemail by clicking the blue microphone icon at the bottom right corner of our website, we'll play it on air!


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Episode 4: Know Your Worth

Episode 4: Know Your Worth

Nicholas Weaver