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Episode 4: Looking for Work

Episode 4: Looking for Work

Update: 2021-02-01


This is the 4th episode of Auditors of the Outer Rim. We're using the Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire by Fantasy Flight with a focus on fun and story before rules. Find us on Twitter @AuditorsPodcast and on all major podcasting platforms.

Intro Crawl: Unemployment!
With no jobs in toe, the auditors look for work on the Wheel, seeking to improve their financial situation.
After tedious investigation, the auditors are able to slice the mysterious hyperspace pod, learning the final jump vector of the missing ship.
With half the puzzle solved, they look for the missing information, where the final jump originated from.
With little insight and not much to go off, they begin their search on the station.

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Cast: Ryan (GM), Tom (Mi-Shaan Li), Dan (Xeth), Damo (E-1), Will (Dahc).

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Episode 4: Looking for Work

Episode 4: Looking for Work

Auditors of the Outer Rim