DiscoverThe 3 PillarsEpisode 4 – Willem Felderhof
Episode 4 – Willem Felderhof

Episode 4 – Willem Felderhof

Update: 2019-04-18



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Guest Speaker – Willem Felderhof Bio

Willem is a former commercial airline pilot from the
Netherlands. Willem always had a fascination for aviation since the time he was
a little kid. The fulfillment of his dream to become an airline pilot came into
manifestation when he started his training at the National School of Aviation
in the Netherlands. Before that he served as a green beret in the Special
Forces of the Dutch army and had several jobs in commerce.

Before his career as an airline pilot his physical health
was outstanding also as a result of intense and different sporting activities
during his youth.

When he finished his initial flight training in 1991 with
success he started as a copilot in small aviation on the Dornier 228. 2 years
later he joined Transavia Airlines where he operated as a co-pilot on the
B737-300 and 400.

In 1995 he was hired by KLM and where he continued his
flying career as co-pilot on the MD11. After 19 years he left the MD11 division
and started his training for captain on the B737. Due to his severely
deteriorating health condition he had to quit his job as a pilot completely in
2014 with more than 10 thousand flight hours. At this moment Willem does not
board any airplane anymore, also not as a passenger and he is trying to recover
from AS – Aerotoxic Syndrome.

His first health issues started roughly after 4 years of
flying with migraines, loss of energy, sleeping disorders and emotional stress.
He was diagnosed with burnout by the airlines health department first in 2001
and then again in 2003. During this period, he tried to recover from this
condition by changing his life drastically on all levels.

It took him 8 years to come to the definite conclusion that the increasing deteriorating health condition, despite the radical shifts in his life, was caused not by him but the result of something in the airplanes. Although he had strong suspicions that there was something “wrong” with the air supply he had no idea what this exactly could be. When he came in contact with people that had knowledge of AS he started to take samples of the air, his blood and urine and tested these on the presence of organophosphates, in particular TCP’s and its affiliated isomers.

All the tests were positive and from then on his battle against the airline and the industry started which resulted in a big lawsuit in 2013. The mainstream media labeled him from that moment ‘The Toxic Pilot’.

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Episode 4 – Willem Felderhof

Episode 4 – Willem Felderhof

Chriselda Barretto