DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 40 : Abby Miller - Part 1
Episode 40 : Abby Miller - Part 1

Episode 40 : Abby Miller - Part 1

Update: 2021-06-272


Abby Miller thought she was just "helping out a friend" at church by buying some oils, when she got an email welcoming her to the team as Young Living's newest distributor. After that experience she wanted to understand what had happened to her and why, and she went down the MLM rabbit hole. Being a Christian, Abby began to see that the MLM practices she was experiencing in her community were contradicting the biblical values she had been taught. After finding the podcast and listening to Ryan's episode on Mormonism, Abby wanted to be on the show to take on MLMs and Christianity. I wanted her on the show to have her answer the age old question; "Abby! What's your BEEF with MLM?!"

Show Notes

Ponzinomics by Robert L. FitzPatrick -

Some members of multilevel-marketing company Young Living are making questionable claims about 'essential oils' curing cancer and coronavirus -

The prosperity gospel, explained: Why Joel Osteen believes that prayer can make you rich -

Cleansing of the Temple -,it%20a%20den%20of%20thieves.

Loaded Language -

It’s Time For Christians (And Society, For That Matter) To Confront MLMs -

"Minnesota nice" -

John Oliver Last Week Tonight MLM Episode -

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Episode 40 : Abby Miller - Part 1

Episode 40 : Abby Miller - Part 1

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