DiscoverAnthroAlert: An Anthropology PodcastEpisode 42: Visual Anthropology
Episode 42: Visual Anthropology

Episode 42: Visual Anthropology

Update: 2019-04-21


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## Episode 42: Visual Anthropology

Originally aired 30 March 2018 on

This week we discuss visual anthropology.

Bethany S. Moore is a graduate student in the dual Master’s programme at USF, working towards her MA in Medical Anthropology and MPH in Public Health with a concentration in Social Marketing and Infection Control. Her primary research focus centres on stigma its effect upon access to health care and treatment outcomes. Bethany is currently looking at the health care experience of pregnant women with HIV and at the perceptions that health care workers have regarding pregnant women living with HIV. She is also interested in theatre, art, audio media, and social media platforms as means of reversing stigma and promoting inclusivity. Bethany is a registered nurse specialising in pediatric cardiac critical care and neonatal critical care, and received her bachelor’s in nursing from the University of Central Florida.

Jaine Danlag is pursuing a Masters in Applied Anthropology and a certificate in Women and Gender Studies at University of South Florida. Her thesis research deals with the process of identifying victims of human trafficking within the criminal justice system and how national narratives influence this process. Her other interests include ethnotheatre, gender violence, studies of care work, human rights, and visual methods. Jaine is a full time advocate with an anti-human trafficking organization within the Tampa Bay area and received her bachelor’s from Eckerd College in Anthropology and East Asian Studies.

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Episode 42: Visual Anthropology

Episode 42: Visual Anthropology