DiscoverThe What's Cooking PodcastEpisode 42 : Elly | Elly Pear (Curshen)
Episode 42 : Elly | Elly Pear (Curshen)

Episode 42 : Elly | Elly Pear (Curshen)

Update: 2019-06-03


Honing the book writing process, creating a community online and testing recipes with Elly Curshen, chef, food writer and more!  For this episode, we spoke to Elly Curshen, who's third cook book, Green, has just been published and is already finding huge success. Elly’s recipes have always been affordable, accessible and delicious and those in Green are no exception. We spoke in depth about the book writing process - how Elly has developed this and how her online community has a direct influence on what she includes in her books. Hearing about what happens after a book is published was so interesting – the promotion through food fairs, festivals and other events and, what sounds like the best part, seeing her audience recreating her recipes and sharing them with their own stories. We also talked about the other areas of work that Elly is able to give more focus to since closing her hugely successful and much loved café last September – including cookery courses and brand partnerships. Follow Elly on Instagram or check her website to find out more.  You can find Elly on Instagram @ellypear and online at You can find us on Instagram @whatscookingpodcast, on Twitter @whatscookingpod. Get in touch via  If you’re enjoying the podcast, please don’t forget to subscribe, review and leave us a star rating!








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Episode 42 : Elly | Elly Pear (Curshen)

Episode 42 : Elly | Elly Pear (Curshen)

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