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Episode 43: David | Toast Ale

Episode 43: David | Toast Ale

Update: 2019-06-11


Creating a product with surplus bread, tackling food waste through positive action and putting the mission for change before profits with David, Head Breadwinner at Toast Ale. 

We spoke to David from Toast Ale about all things food waste and how to tackle it. We heard how Toast are making their ale using surplus bread – leading the way in a new side of the food industry and demonstrating how a change of view about what we consider unusable food can make a big difference. In focusing on their mission over profits, they hope to spread the word about the food waste issue. Toast give all of their profits to Feedback, the charity started by Toast founder Tristram Stuart, and in doing so are making real steps towards creating systemic change. We also talked about the Toast team and heard how they are creating an ethos that sidesteps traditional hierarchy to give every member an equal voice. 

We recorded this episode at Toast bread quarters within the Bankside sustainable workspaces – there is some background noise on the episode as it’s a bustling space but it’s a great conversation so we hope you’ll bear with us! 

Find Toast at or on Instagram at @toastale. Check out their Crowd Funder page at

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Episode 43: David | Toast Ale

Episode 43: David | Toast Ale

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