DiscoverTop Rope Wrestling PodcastEpisode 43: Live From Mayhem on Mills Misbehavin’
Episode 43: Live From Mayhem on Mills Misbehavin’

Episode 43: Live From Mayhem on Mills Misbehavin’

Update: 2019-12-20


This week we are live from Mayhem on Mills Misbehavin’ where we call the match between The Ugly Ducklings and The Coda. After the match The Ugly Ducklings take over Top Rope with the PondCast.

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AI Transcript:

the duck the ugly duckling

I believe they operate.

I believe they are you trying to say they operate under Freebird rules

I was I was trying to get my brain shut off

at any given time but

it does look like he is going to wrestle.

Crowd is whacking on

so I’m just noticing

I wonder if he realizes what his basket is exactly.

Well, don’t keep our fans of the dark

so it looks like he is wearing a black mask. Yeah.

Yes it does kind of look like it has a duck beak but it is a plague mask then he is wearing

this guy’s a little too much for me.

Energy I can’t drum up anymore.

You do not have that kind of energy.


and that’s why he wrestles and I sit in the chair and make haha

Are you good at making haha I’m relatively decent

felt like we got paid to do this right

sir free men they are very free man

crowds chanting demon shit

they are the Kota

no one is

no one’s challenging the fact that their photo no I don’t think they are


as a musician I have to do you know what a coda is?

Sorry, I didn’t realize you put the phone down. No, no, Dakota. Dakota is but you know why Kota is and I’m assuming it’s why they got their name. Now go for it. The coda is the ending of a piece of music now where the it’s the termination point of the song like the last phrase.

Right, starting off in the Kota member that looks like Tommaso Champa with facepaint starting.

He does kind of put like,

tattoos for tattoos.

like a cross between choppa and Eric from the Viking Raiders.

And the crowd is still cracking. God is getting whacked crazy.

Someone is coming in right now.

More than halfway through the card.

Like the ducks tights they have

them on it kinda looks comic booky. Yes.

Should we check our mics?

are just mics are they’re all set up I just got a high.

Zach is trying to prevent the coda guy from

getting to this partner.

I’m going to stop off for just a minute. Okay, not a problem. I will be here making the call. Sorry, I was just trying to fix some of the video or a video issue that we are experienced but that’s okay. We should be good. going across the raw rope and chop a man

Part number of codeine

rolled over top of him

rolled up. arches back. No man oh and he rolled over still a two count.

Like sweep by the

end the double drop kick to the chest.


Looks like he is feeling good. Oh and he tags out. He was not isolated for sure. And first time the big guy from caught in

He wants coach.

He wants the big boy.

Also having Triforce tattoo on his ankle.

I’m not exactly sure what his shtick is the gentleman from acota other than the

Paceman. Oh

elbow knocked his hat off. Oh, that’s gonna be a problem.

You’re getting advice as to what to do. Leverage is key apparently that is what we’re looking for here.


is the ugly duckling.

That is in the ring tonight.

Mikey is not the normal wrestler. He is not only one of the guys here

but he is in today

and there is a

Amber Alert for anybody who was wondering

was an adventure.


Did I miss anything? You must bike to join in and that is the gentleman. That is the coach’s name What happened the coach he he came into the rank ever been called out okay

as obviously he’s not normally part of the statement or me he’s part of the stable but he’s not normally one of the guys wrestling correct. So but he is today

is no selling

spinning around


another tag that happened yes

threw him into the other guy

We have body slams going on everywhere.

Trying to get the quack

quack going

back to the chest.


Crowd is cheering them on. They want one more time

for one more time

I probably stuck the back of his hand. Yeah


that was a giant fucking finger from the from the Kota and the coach does not look happy about being now

he almost got his finger pinch out of the ring yeah

B flat chance

right now they’re looking like a Nazi

oh he just got pulled on the back of his head

and stopped on

Kona has taken over this match

right now as they have isolated him into their corner for the

to the Kota, Kota corner

wack chant going someone smoking a cigarette, they are

I’m assuming they’re doing it outside because

there is a strobe light going

No background.

When you think of the roof of the Santa hat is that it actually makes me remember that I forgot my santa hat that’s going to wear santa hat today and I completely left that alone. we abandon the Christmas theme we did a brand new weekend at the tree overbeat to be used as a weapon, which it has yet to be used. I think it will be used at some point.

Heavy close one

He is crawling towards Mike he just got stepped on he did

thrown into the corner

of the locker room out here watching this match yes they are

not just over there I mean there’s some over in the corner too Yes


turned on the on the docks

I mean they’re chanting demon shit so I don’t know if that’s me necessarily like, like Satan spoon. Yeah okay

You know, that’s something you really want to change. Oh, it was a stunner

and now they’ve knocked back down again. He is on the ground. He’s gonna looks like it’s

a good set of fire inside him.

That when he gets tagged in I think he’s going to clean house.

If he gets tagged,

very nice

backflip off the second row.

The coach is still not made his way back up to

the area to be tagged in.

Crowd champion Holy shit. I think the coach is gonna I do believe so. Alright, we might be ready for a tag and yeah, we are ready to go he is ready for the hot tag and I believe this

coach is going

to be a good coach you gotta be you gotta know the game you have to know the game and he’s he’s definitely going in and and

and showing showing the team that he know what’s up. Yeah, he’s not just gonna say stand on the sidelines of the clipboard and dictate what should happen. He’s gonna go in there and make it happen.

Trying to get a quack chant going.

get poked in the underwear.

I believe that’s a pair of underwear.

Doesn’t look appealing whatever it is.

Demon ship.

Oh, he’s possessed now. whatever it was. He’s turned on his partner.

He’s turning on his partner.

He’s possessed. possessed by demons ship by demons.

They’ve rubbed, they’ve rubbed demon poo on there. They can tell him what to do. And he is falling he has been brainwashed by the demon and they can’t kill him.

Because it’s his own partner, correct.

Coach is about I take back everything I said the cracks are coming in.

bringing him back. The clock is bringing him back. He snapped out of it. The power of the quack

pitch slapped in the face. He took his hat off.

Oh no.

Crowd chanting you fucked up.

The hats going back on

and it is turned backwards. Oh

shit is about to pop off.

Well that

was not

the other duck is now getting in position to be

it’s going to leap over the coach on his back. I got the other guy

some pretty fancy fancy moves that is

much like calling to the powers of brand new york us beating on the mat

if you’re watching one join the conversation please feel free. Yes

Cody just got super kick to the face or one of them.

And then he got

the other guy thrown at him.

Heavy quack fans come over the crowd

and coaches going up to the top.

It looks like he’s going to the top rope.

deadly for everyone. Yes. Including the ring. Yeah. This including that. He just got pulled off.

Just draped over the ring.

Was he gonna jump off of him jumping off his buddy

because he hit the roof. Oh, he was Oh,

he’s very close to hitting that metal bar

double stomp to the chest.

What if we could get a u dub dub champ


This may be the end of the ducks.

Now that looks like it


had a broken up all right outside coach Coach saved him.

A good coach does. It saves saves your team saves the victory for the team.

What I really look forward to is anyone in the audience can hear me and doesn’t understand my sarcasm right?

Looks like he’s going off the road when he got dropped kicked on the way down

from the top rope.

schema duck you

choke him. Oh,

we are quacking in the middle.

Do Launchpad Launchpad mcquaig. Now maybe

he’s gonna try and pull them off.

That should be interesting. Yeah

Mikey’s gonna fly

Oh he did not want

he did not do I think what was expected

painful looking


Mike he lost his hat made sure his hat was back on

case channeling his inner Roman Reigns

you go for suplex


Jackie suplex

come out victorious.

wack enjoy.

Okay, we are here with the ugly duckling he wrestled earlier tonight. Hello. Hi, at least two at least two of the ugly duckling.

Testing one two similar the sibilance testing in a world to all kinds of high tech. So quack quack we’re not used to this this fancy like I’m not used to my voice you guys hear me? There’s this internal monologue. It’s your internal monologue. You’re actually not saying anything. This is blowing

awkward guys. I just answered your intro on all all our interviews get awkward.


what’s gonna happen?

Last time we had chuckles So, you know,

I asked him if he won’t be that entertaining. his backstory was whether he was a party clown or a circus clown. He just said yes.


thank you guys for joining us. Thank you. Obviously, we’re gonna go ahead and take this over. So we appreciate you for coming on our podcast or a podcast podcast for being our guest.

I’m Rob killjoy. I’m coach Mike, and we are here.

At Yeah, this is our podcast

93.9 3.9 and one thing I like is that you’re a player coach. You’ll get in and mix it up. Yeah, yeah, as a player but that comes easy with Tinder though.

You’re on the on the wall.

So first

Tell us a little bit about the match day and you know about yourselves because it was a car went real fast was real good it was good fast hard fast good I don’t know what to do with my hands we good I we highly enjoyed the match it was it was great you guys have fun oh yeah absolutely we was as long as everybody enjoyed it and had fun that’s all

you possessed at one point I was it was scary

he doesn’t remember that obviously.

Can you curse on here?

demon shit Mikey this

shit though this is a family show Mikey demon shit happened and worst coach in the history.

Coach Ron Bay, so you are completely blocked by the Christmas tree that was not used in a match whack. me Oh, there’s a camera to

my you know what though? I just noticed that we did not actually work. So now everybody can actually see us.

Now now’s the podcast really good. Now the podcast is

podcast or Pon de cast upon when you’re used to saying podcast, podcast podcast. You just gotta train yourself. Exactly. just takes a little while so I know you guys are only a trio

oh nice quartet. So there’s me and there is Rob killjoy. There’s Lance lewd and there is also a man named Colby Corinne.

Corinne cobley. Kareena black, probably they actually had so

if you read on the internet, there’s like different different websites that will have different variations of us. So they had there was a match what was me and Rob are wrestling, but they have not only advertised me as the wrong duck

cobley Kareena and so hard at legends the word cobley you just it’s done it now he’s got a new gimmick either. He’s cobbler. He’s a cop like either he eats a lot of cobbler or he just fixes shoes.

always like, or Oswald cobblepot

little penguin, penguin action. So he’s a duck and the penguin is that now last question will be answered

so and I obviously you guys work out of the Free Bird rules right? Free duck rule so you can go whatever that ugly duckling dramatize you don’t know what you’re gonna get but you’re gonna get enough to go around Don’t worry. And I mean we saw you guys match a couple months ago now with the the yeah the stairs and everything that were there and yes a couple couple months ago

treehouse Yes, yes, yes, that was a kick me in the face. The head you got knocked out? Yeah, I remember and I actually I believe I returned your your clipboard to that that

you did? Broken over someone’s head. So like I have a very bad luck with clipboards. A lot of them are

a matter of someone in West Virginia tried to steal mahtim demon chick Yeah.

There’s even show that is going on behind us right now.

But yeah this this this girl in the crowd

ran off with my clipboard and she like hit it under arm and the worst thing was she tried to hide it between two posters that she had bought from our table earlier that we signed What a bitch as.

Like a guy like walks up to me and I’m like looking at my clipboard and he’s like, dude, dude, right there. Her dude I just like walked up to her and she like, you can’t explain yourself why you’re hiding my clipboard under your shirt like you’re trying to steal it. Absolutely. Because I think we’re all john cena and we throw out like every

every show that we’re made of money. I have one clipboard.

He hustled that clipboard he’s loyal to it. He respects that clipboard. Yes, yes. Oh, we got a chain gang.

Gang gang. We did.

If you didn’t see that.

That’s what he started before he started doing

was the with the

know it was gnarly? Yeah, like, yeah.

That tunnel get over brother. gnarly john cena. So how’d you guys become the ducks? Ooh.


long, long time ago, I was a coach for, say an air hockey team and they fired me. Let me go. So I’m sitting there. I’m like, Oh, this sucks. laid off, laid off. And

I’m just kind of mosey on down the road. And I stumbled across this pond. And sure enough, this ponds got one of those big ass tunnels that are just leaking this.

tunnels, the tunnels. All this toxic ooze and grab the Yeah, to this Ponte, demon ship. Maybe maybe demons

You never know maybe it just comes full circle. Now I’m pretty sure that we’re far and away.

But I’m sure enough there was three ducks in there. And I scooped them out with my clipboard and they kind of transform into these hairy monsters and we’re like, hey, let’s be attacked and let’s be a group. And we’ve just been a quartet since and quack quartet, a quiet quartet. Since I’ve been I’ve been approached by a bunch of different air hockey teams. They want me back I said, you can’t afford me and he knows where his proverbial bread is buttered. Yeah. So you’re now out of the air hockey game out of their hockey game. I am strictly professional wrestler. He might be a little rusty but if you wanted to go back he could smoke all those fools right this moment where you the phil jackson of air hockey coaching the Who? Phil Phil Jackson. Lakers coach. Oh, yes, sure. Lakers coach. The guy who won six titles with the lake. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that

far. He

like six with the bowls and then two with the lake he’s whatever he was like this jerry sandusky

is like super serious I by the way this completely off topic I showered in that shower that all that there’s some of that shit went down in the Jerry I’m sorry show me on the

way wait

that’s the


yeah I told you all our interviews get awkward

we forgot to tell you guys this is a family podcast so if you will please watch your language and keep the topics a little less Blue. Blue very sorry guys.

That’s your first warning. This could be your first one. Okay, I just wanted to kick me off, baby. So we have we have the power. I legitimately have actually been in that shower. So no take one have it on your car. I’m gonna cover my entire front

With those awesome, that’s great one.

Take one. So where else do you guys Russell besides me him everywhere.

We were in West Virginia last night. We were last week where a Delaware we wrestle with New York. We pulled out to California but a soda. So the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Florida. I’ll show you so like the way

Massachusetts, Rhode Island keep in touch with where we wrestled. There’s this app called places I should. Yes. And

this app Yeah. So you can paint wherever you pile. So

just going through the list. That’s what my map looks like. Actually. There we go and wrestle isn’t Ron Stroman? The one that brought that to a lot of people? Yes. So I heard it through Ron show me I was like, Oh, this is dope. So like, I get really excited when we go new places because I get the poop there. Yeah. I remember

A lot of extra time.

I’m a big guy. Pushing guys is relaxing. Let your body do the work. Look at this. Look at those you.

That’s California, California, California. La. You’re pooping in LA? Yeah, I

think we lost it


yesterday. Yesterday, we’re on the way to show and I like I had to take a poop. So I’m in the bathroom. And it’s like it’s an open bathroom. Well, there’s only two stalls. There’s no urinal, one of the stalls is out of order. So like okay, well how out of order is it?

There’s no toilet.

Yeah, it’s very out of order. That’s a complete lack of Europe. and Europe rocks that that note toiler Yeah.


just title

stuff where you can attach a toilet if there were toilet to be attacked on it to be a real emergency if you’re asking how out of order is it

the second part of this comes

ladies restroom. Yeah, he was already in the room and I hear a guy come in. And I’m talking about like, he’s juggling on this door. Like he’s frickin jack nicholson like in the Chinese by the bus through and I’m like they’re like support a giant.

My head. I’m like, I don’t need to tell him. I’m taking a poop because Riley has doors on the door enough to embarrass me. And I don’t get embarrassed by Montrose. I’m not saying anything to this guy. He immediately goes around to the outer border one and like fucking john Claude Van Damme kicks it open and realizes that

There’s no toilet there. But in my head, I’m not thinking Oh, he just doesn’t know there’s toilet. I thought he knew something more than I knew it like there was

a toilet kind of comes down from the wall. We were in West Virginia. So I mean that he never had knowledge. He just, they might have just got out of the woods. When I went. I was like, when I came out, he was just like leaning against like, a display of cokes, and he’s just like rubbing a miserable

for my perspective, this is what I saw. I went to the ladies restroom. Yeah, I only had to do a number one because brother, we’re on the road. We gotta go. Oh, yeah, you gotta go. So I come out and you know, I purchased like a Gatorade or whatever it was. And he said, Do you have another bathroom? So just that one, I was like, Yeah, my friends are there. He’s Oh, he didn’t say anything. And it’s like, well, it seems

like he didn’t come out. I would have seen him come out. He’s a large individual.

But I go, Well, I just went to the ladies restroom. He goes, brother. What I’ve got to do should happen.


man will take it easy he saw it he should have done any places he should have shit

was I should have shipped my pants

to download. Oh man. I appreciate the story that’s

that’s pretty much it is literally become a shit show he’s Days of Our Lives that 90% of my stories are just like it’s always taking a poop and I that’s how I was taking a poop or I was drinking. Those are the two best ways to start a story right? Yeah, I was drinking before I was at the game. Were you drunk or a kid? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yes. That’s always a good here. Most of mine are just a drunk kid.

Well, we appreciate you guys time.

on our show, thanks for having us. I appreciate being on the show. Yeah, I mean, like, I thought you guys did okay without the I didn’t get enough that we’re gonna bring on what do you think?

might we might be able to cut out from this episode? Yeah, yeah, like say a best year. Best up for the year coming up. Yeah, our one year anniversary is gonna come back or is like in a couple weeks. Yeah.

We’ll find some interesting guests to help us so we’ll put some other people I there there are plenty of people around here that will

edit in like


well, alright, well appreciate my my handle is putting the hands down. No.

Yeah, yeah.

Another episode where we were Darth Vader. There’s actually there’s one way that we and everything and since I can see us I guess they’ll see us legit. We put our hands in guy okay

all right we’re good guys right up.

Quack quack quack quack quack quack. Thanks for coming

see yourselves out. We do not we do not validate. Have a good one. Thank you for making these magnets.

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Episode 43: Live From Mayhem on Mills Misbehavin’

Episode 43: Live From Mayhem on Mills Misbehavin’