DiscoverThe Minds of Madness - True Crime StoriesEpisode 43 – Mary Hepburn & Helen Dorrington
Episode 43 –  Mary Hepburn & Helen Dorrington

Episode 43 – Mary Hepburn & Helen Dorrington

Update: 2019-02-1831


On the afternoon of May 2nd, 2012 paramedics were called to check on 3 occupants who had rented a room at a Travelodge Motel in Barrie, Ontario Canada. Staff became alarmed after noticing that water was pouring out from under the door of room 129. When one of the employees of the Travelodge knocked on the door, he was shocked to be greeted by a man named Mark Dobson who was completely naked and covered in blood.

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Rick Vanderlinde

Magister Bill

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Episode 43 –  Mary Hepburn & Helen Dorrington

Episode 43 – Mary Hepburn & Helen Dorrington