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Episode 45 - Ambalek

Episode 45 - Ambalek

Update: 2021-09-26


Episode 45 of The Ambient Vault podcast features my special guest Ambalek.  Ambalek is a London based musician searching for ways to add life and a human touch to electronic sounds.

On this week’s episode, Ambalek has shared with us “Frostwork”, a collection of three tracks made exclusively  for The Ambient Vault.  Many thanks to Ambalek for the extreme generosity in sharing these beautiful tracks! See below for more info about “Frostwork” and links to all things Ambalek, and as always thanks for listening!


Part 1: 0:00 to 04:15

Created with Sidrax, Cocoquantus, Plumbutter, Norns running oooooo (six channel looper)
Process: Selected a key and chords, tuned Sidrax to two chords, tuned Plumbutter (for a drone and Deerhorn pad sounds)
Used Oto Machines BIM and BAM for reverb and delay, BOUM for a main buss compressor

Part 2: 04:15 to 08:25

Created with Octatrack, Analog Four, and some Sidrax
Process: Wrote chords based around

Part 3: 08:25 to 16:48

Eurorack, sequenced with Ansible and Kria, live composition with recording and reworking on Morphagene, drones made with the Plaits chord mode and filtering/effects, and an analogue voice using STO/Ripples/Optomix/Mimeophon

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Episode 45 - Ambalek

Episode 45 - Ambalek

Brian Everett Miller