DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 49 - LuLaBitch - LaShae Kimbrough
Episode 49 - LuLaBitch - LaShae Kimbrough

Episode 49 - LuLaBitch - LaShae Kimbrough

Update: 2021-09-152


*The stories shared in LuLaBitch are our own personal experiences, opinions and allegations of our time in the cult LuLaRoe. Some accounts may be triggering. Please listen at your own discretion. This is meant as a companion series to the Amazon Docuseries, LuLaRich, and is in no way affiliated with the film.*

This interview takes place while LaShae was at the salon, and some background noise was unavoidable. Also, Shae's mic has some sound issues for a bit, but it does even out and fix itself. Adjust your volume accordingly.

When Blye and Cori reached out to me, asking for Home Office employees, LaShae was the first name out of my mouth. Her interview was cut short in the Vice Documentary, and I wanted her to be able to tell her whole story with Amazon. As the "LuLaRoe Fairy Godmother" LaShae was witness to A LOT of shenanigans of the Bradham Clan, the good, bad and ugly. ALLEGEDLY. Shae spills A LOT of tea, and confirms a lot of rumors. We chat about the infamous sock monkey leggings, Home Office's "Zen Room", a hard drive LaShae kept everything she ever did on and Beyonce.

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Sock Monkey Leggings -

LuLaRoe Has Consumers Upset Over Leggings They Consider Racist

Top Consultant tells Deaf customer to "turn up your volume" -

LuLaRoe Seller Discriminates Against Deaf Customer

The Mission Inn's Sunday Brunch -

Chocolate Caramel-Covered Apples -

Omni Hotels -

Ponzinomics by Robert L. FitzPatrick -

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Episode 49 - LuLaBitch - LaShae Kimbrough

Episode 49 - LuLaBitch - LaShae Kimbrough

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