DiscoverCourageous RecoveryEpisode 50 - Step 5
Episode 50 - Step 5

Episode 50 - Step 5

Update: 2021-02-03


On this episode we’re going to be covering Step 5 – focused on confessing or admitting our sins, all the dark and secrets of our past, to another person. Step 5 is often difficult for people. I have often been asked, “why do I have to admit my wrongs to another?”

Many of us have been keeping secrets almost all of our lives. Every day those secrets take a toll on us. God's forgiveness, provides us a safe, protected passage down the path of ongoing recovery. For us to disclose to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the precise nature of our wrongs will necessitate an act of proper humility on our part.

After writing down our personal moral inventory in Step 4, we are prepared to mend our past wounds through confession and humility. This confession process is truly life giving. Through the process, all obstructions are set aside from our path, and we obtain complete insight, understanding, and direction from God.

Personally, I was very timid and frightened of painstakingly completing this crucial Step. It took awhile to gain the nerve to initiate this Step, but when I finally admitted my wrongs, a sense of relief and pleasure filled me like never before. It was a very awe-inspiring occurrence for me, but the act itself wasn't as bad as I pictured. For me to sincerely, and entirely follow through with this Step, I had to eliminate all unenthusiastic thoughts from my mind. I told myself that completing this Step would only generate growth and improvement in my life, further allowing me to become the man God wanted me to become. I set aside the false pride that kept trying to surface. It was essential for me to quiet my mind, while praying to God for the courage to put together a thorough confession.

Along the way, I started admitting my wrongs to God the Father. I read and reread my personal inventory, while recollecting all corrupt and nasty situations that I could recall. I started with my childhood, continued through high school, and then college, and then the years in my 20’s, and then admitted my wrongs all the way to the present time, while asking for God's forgiveness and mercy. 

After I admitted my wrongs to God, I practiced my confession with my sponsor and then I chose my pastor to admit my wrongs to. I trusted my sponsor with this information, and I also trusted our pastor with the information, and I was meticulously open and straightforward; what a relief I felt after the action was concluded. It took many pages for me to recall my history, but the feelings and events that took place after completing Step 5 are very difficult to describe.

I can’t stress enough the magnitude of completing this Step. This step gives you healing, freedom, and you gain support in your recovery journey.

Please reach out to me for guidance. Text CHAMPION to 66866 or email me RMortensen@extremeinfluence or call my office (321) 757-HOPE

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Episode 50 - Step 5

Episode 50 - Step 5

Randy Mortensen