DiscoverCriminalEpisode 51: Money Tree
Episode 51: Money Tree

Episode 51: Money Tree

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When Axton Betz-Hamilton was 11 years old, her parents' identities were stolen. At that time, in the early 90s, consumer protection services for identity theft victims were basically non-existent. So the family dealt with the consequences as best they could. But then when Axton got to college, she realized that her identity had been stolen as well. Her credit score was in the lowest 2%.  As she was working to restore her credit, she inadvertently discovered who had stolen the family's identity. It would change everything forever.  

View the photograph Axton describes here.  

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Artwork by Julienne Alexander.


Comments (6)

Jq Baker

What did she do with the money

Feb 2nd

Scott Witte

I was so blown away by this incredible story and couldn't imagine how a mother could do such a thing. Then in relating this story to a friend he shrugged and said, "This is very common among poor people where a parent would use their child's identity to open a line of credit." I hadn't thought of that but that may be done out of desperation.

Oct 23rd
Reply (1)

I Hope Someone Relates

The mother beaming at your awards... yes, she is the reason you received that reward. My assumption is she is proud because if it wasn't for her you wouldn't have dedicated yourself to something that strongly - no matter how wrong she was in the first place. People have this tendency to justify their actions, so much so that they too become analytical in the end and put the degrees of separation from those justifications between themselves and the person being used to where it truly simply gets to a point where they no longer feel guilt about those actions. This is a very interesting case indeed.

Aug 28th
Reply (1)

Mel Gonzales

after listening to so many true crime stories, this is *surprisingly* one of the most shocking I've come upon

May 6th








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Episode 51: Money Tree

Episode 51: Money Tree