DiscoverBuilding Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and PattiEpisode 52 - Claiming Your Value at Work or Entrepreneur
Episode 52 - Claiming Your Value at Work or Entrepreneur

Episode 52 - Claiming Your Value at Work or Entrepreneur

Update: 2021-10-02


This episode we look at the changing expectations in the marketplace where people are moving to offer their services for sale versus working in a job with fixed salary and how this forces you to claim your value versus having employers or your own perceptions determine what you are worth.

Self-Reflection Questions for Determining a Raise:

  1. Do I exceed expectations of my job duties, job description, and why?

  2. Am I the go-to person who gets things done?

  3. Do I take on additional tasks, projects, and responsibilities outside of my job description?

  4. Do others come to me for my advice, knowledge, and leadership?

  5. Am I increasing my learning and knowledge within my industry?

  6. People at work describe me as vital within the company?

How Do You Claim Your Value as an Entrepreneur?

Is the world interested in what you share?

Does the world understand what you share?

Do you have something of value to others?

And if you do - do you know how to communicate that effectively to others?

Can people afford what you have to share?

Will people want to pay for what you have to offer?

There are so many other people offering what you have, why would they want what you’ve got to share?

Self-Doubt to Self-Assured  Common stuff that goes through people minds:

How much do I share?  Did I share too much?

Do people want to hear about it?

Will it make a difference?

I am being too pushy?

What if no-one buys my products or services?

What if people are making fun of me or judging me?

Here are some questions and Journal exercises about thinking about your value and how you condition your value.

If you want to claim your value, you need to see the conditions you put on it, so that you will understand why you are using your time and energy the way you are  - and so that IF you want to can change your perception about your value you can:

1. See how to change your mindset or perception about your value

2. Change the way you describe your value to the world so they understand your value or

3 See how to communicate your value to the world so that they understand it clearly.

It is ONLY the belief in what you offer is worth a certain price.

How do you claim your value in what you offer to the world, whether it is at work - or in personal relationships?

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Episode 52 - Claiming Your Value at Work or Entrepreneur

Episode 52 - Claiming Your Value at Work or Entrepreneur

Angela & Patti