DiscoverUnraveledEpisode 53: Full Podcast - Tiffany Anton Talks Sex.
Episode 53: Full Podcast - Tiffany Anton Talks Sex.

Episode 53: Full Podcast - Tiffany Anton Talks Sex.

Update: 2019-05-03


Title - Full Podcast: Tiffany Anton Talks Sex.

About Tiffany Anton:

Tiffany Anton is a psychotherapist specializing in sex and relationships. Tiffany has been helping individuals and couples experience erotic pleasure for over 18 years.

Tiffany graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Tiffany has been trained by industry leaders such as Dr. Domeena Rensaw, John Gottman and Gina Ogden. Tiffany is now an educator in the Gottman Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work program.

Tiffany is a regular contributor on YourTango and We Want More Now. Tiffany’s written work has been syndicated by MSNBC, FOX News, and YourTango.

Tiffany works one on one with clients, speaks at conferences and works on her online retail store “Erotic Stitch” (

Tiffany has a podcast called, “Tiffany, Turned On” (, where she explores the desires and questions hidden deep in the hearts of pleasure seekers.

Tiffany is a mother, a horse lover, and a community activist.

Tiffany Anton talks about:

What motivated her to enter into the behavioral health care field and more specifically sex therapy.

Her current work.

How she identifies and refers out those that are struggling with sex addiction.

Her screening process for prospective clients.

Her experience with individuals and couples that struggle with anger or/and resentment between partners that are contributing to the problems that they are experiencing and how she assist people with these struggles.

How people can find out more about her work.

Tiffany Anton’s Website:

I Love Pleasure | Tiffany Anton TEDx Talks:

Tiffany Anton’s Podcast:

Tiffany Anton’s Instagram:

Tiffany Anton’s Facebook Page:

Mentioned During Podcast:

“The Sessions” Movie featuring Helen Hunt

Additional Resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

American Association of Poison Control Centers


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Episode 53: Full Podcast - Tiffany Anton Talks Sex.

Episode 53: Full Podcast - Tiffany Anton Talks Sex.

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