DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 53 : Alex Semchuck
Episode 53 : Alex Semchuck

Episode 53 : Alex Semchuck

Update: 2021-09-192


*We had a few technical difficulties with the mic and some fuzzy reverb in a few spots. We did clear it up as much as we could when recording, and again as I edited it for the podcast. Just a heads up!*

From the moment I recorded episodes 17 & 18, Russ has been telling me to watch The Slave Circle and reach out to the filmmaker, Alex Semchuck. He thought we would get along and have a lot to talk about, and boy was he right. Alex not only made the film about Smart Circle, he also worked for the company, an MLM you might not see coming. We chat about the many different heads of this hydra, where you might encounter Smart Circle, and what it can look like when you do. Alex and I share some of the biggest red flags for avoiding these scams when navigating online job listings, or even your local grocery store.

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Episode 53 : Alex Semchuck

Episode 53 : Alex Semchuck

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