DiscoverAnthroAlert: An Anthropology PodcastEpisode 55: Refugee Resettlement Programs in Tampa Florida
Episode 55: Refugee Resettlement Programs in Tampa Florida

Episode 55: Refugee Resettlement Programs in Tampa Florida

Update: 2019-07-07


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## Episode 55: Refugee Resettlement Programs in Tampa Florida

Originally aired 25 May 2018 on

Our guest this week, Dr. Dillon Mahoney, will present on anthropological work with refugee resettlement programs in Tampa Florida.

Dillon Mahoney is an Assistant Professor in the USF Department of Applied Anthropology and received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Rutgers University in 2009. In addition to teaching and research, he coordinates the undergraduate internship program and advises the Swahili Students Organization. His early research, summarized in his 2017 book The Art of Connection (Univ. of California Press), focused on how Kenyan art traders and informal businesspeople struggling around Kenya’s tourism industry adapted cell phones and internet access to their business strategies. This early research focuses on globalization and small-business development, digital technologies, and culturally constructed notions such as risk and transparency.

Dr. Mahoney’s ongoing research explores environmental change and conservation in Eastern Kenya and Swahili-speaking Congolese refugees in Tampa, FL. The ongoing research in Kenya is being conducted in collaboration with colleagues from the National Museums of Kenya and focuses on conservation and conflict resolution outside of Chyulu Hills National Park. Since late 2016, Mahoney has also been involved in multiple projects in collaboration with the Florida State Department of Children and Family and local resettlement services looking to aid newly resettled Congolese refugees. Projects, which involve multiple USF collaborators, have focused on topics such as transportation, school bullying, nutrition and diet, changing gender and family dynamics, and reproductive health. He is currently helping coordinate a Congolese youth group, Umoja wa Afrika - Tampa (Africa United - Tampa), which produces educational Swahili-language YouTube videos designed to help newly arrived refugees adjust to Tampa and the United States more broadly (see ). This research has pushed the definition of applied anthropology, and has involved everything from collecting heights and weights, teaching English and Swahili, helping import and locate African cloth and food, directing youth-group skits, and demonstrating how to use fire extinguishers and clean toilets.

Dr. Mahoney was quoted in a front-page Tampa Bay Times story earlier this year:

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Episode 55: Refugee Resettlement Programs in Tampa Florida

Episode 55: Refugee Resettlement Programs in Tampa Florida