DiscoverWIN ALL DAY - with Coach JCEpisode 553: Are Your Habits Not Sticking?
Episode 553: Are Your Habits Not Sticking?

Episode 553: Are Your Habits Not Sticking?

Update: 2024-06-03


Coach JC addresses the common struggle of forming lasting habits, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and personal values. He emphasizes that consistent action and habit formation are directly linked to understanding one's identity and principles. He encourages listeners to define their core values and act with confidence, consistency, and discipline, believing in their ability to win and achieve their goals. The episode concludes with a reminder that everyone is born a winner, urging listeners to embrace their potential and strive for success.



This Chapter introduces the Win All Day podcast show, hosted by Coach JC, and sets the stage for the episode's focus on habit formation and personal growth.

The Habit Stickiness Problem

This Chapter delves into the common challenge of forming lasting habits, exploring the frustration of starting new routines but failing to maintain them. Coach JC highlights the feeling of regret associated with inconsistency and the need for sustained effort to achieve success.

The Key to Habit Formation: Self-Awareness

This Chapter reveals the core principle for successful habit formation: knowing who you are. Coach JC emphasizes the importance of self-understanding and establishing personal values as the foundation for consistent action and behavior change.

Action, Habits, and Belief

This Chapter connects self-awareness to action and habit formation. Coach JC explains that understanding your identity and values fuels the actions necessary to develop lasting habits. He encourages listeners to embrace their inner winner and believe in their ability to achieve their goals.


Habit Formation
The process of developing and maintaining consistent behaviors over time. It involves establishing routines, setting goals, and overcoming challenges to achieve desired outcomes.

The ability to understand one's own thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behaviors. It involves introspection, self-reflection, and recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Values
Core beliefs and principles that guide an individual's actions and decisions. They shape one's sense of right and wrong, define priorities, and influence behavior.

A belief in one's own abilities and worth. It is characterized by self-assurance, self-esteem, and a positive outlook on one's capabilities.

The state of being regular, steady, and unchanging over time. In the context of habit formation, it refers to maintaining a consistent pattern of behavior.

The ability to control oneself and act in accordance with established rules or standards. It involves self-control, willpower, and the ability to resist temptation.

Win All Day Podcast
A podcast hosted by Coach JC that focuses on personal growth, motivation, and achieving success. The podcast provides insights and strategies for overcoming challenges and achieving goals.

Coach JC
The host of the Win All Day podcast. He is a motivational speaker and coach who provides guidance and inspiration to listeners on topics related to personal development and success.


  • Why is it so difficult to stick with new habits?

    Coach JC suggests that the inability to stick with habits often stems from a lack of self-awareness and a clear understanding of one's personal values. Without a strong sense of identity and purpose, it becomes challenging to maintain consistent action and behavior change.

  • What is the key to forming lasting habits?

    According to Coach JC, the key to habit formation lies in knowing who you are. By defining your core values and principles, you create a foundation for consistent action and behavior change that aligns with your true self.

  • How does self-awareness impact habit formation?

    Self-awareness provides a clear understanding of your values, motivations, and strengths. This knowledge empowers you to make decisions and take actions that are aligned with your goals and principles, leading to more consistent and effective habit formation.

  • What role does confidence play in habit formation?

    Confidence is essential for sticking with habits. When you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals, you are more likely to persevere through challenges and maintain consistent action.

  • How can I act with confidence and consistency to achieve my goals?

    Coach JC encourages listeners to act as if success is inevitable. By embracing a mindset of confidence, consistency, and discipline, you can create the actions and habits necessary to achieve your goals.

Show Notes

In today's WINNING Word of The Day Coach JC shares with you THE ONE thing that you can do if your habits are not sticking...

The answer is by asking yourself one powerful question, "Who Are You?" If you do not no the answer to this question today is your day.

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Episode 553: Are Your Habits Not Sticking?

Episode 553: Are Your Habits Not Sticking?