DiscoverSpiritual Alchemy The PODCAST with Julie Ann Guthrie-SmulsonEpisode 57: Enchanted Psychic Visions With Melinda Williams
Episode 57: Enchanted Psychic Visions With Melinda Williams

Episode 57: Enchanted Psychic Visions With Melinda Williams

Update: 2021-08-05


Enchanted Psychic Visions With Melinda Williams

~Melinda’s Williams Bio~
What began as a powerful childhood gift led Spiritual Rescue Medium Melinda Williams through a series of painful journeys, then on an enlightening road of discoveries to face her greatest calling: to work as a professional Rescue Medium who guides people from every walk of life to helping businesses succeed, and to assist earthbound spirits to cross over, and along the journey she discovered she was “The Enchanted Witch” which means she helps to connect in many ways including seances. She has assisted families and law enforcement on missing and murder cases.
From a young age, Melinda realized that she wasn’t like every one else. While other children were playing with toys, Melinda was experiencing strange sensations which she now realizes were interactions with greater powers, so much bigger and stronger than herself. The hardships she overcame throughout her teenage years, realizing more and more that she had s very special gift, given to her by the Creator, and that she couldn’t ignore.
Renown Rescue Medium, Melinda Williams connects the two worlds of the physical world and the spirit world for over 40 years. She helps earthbound spirits to cross over due to many reasons: tragic, unexpected deaths.
Her experiences include using many divinations tools and her gifts include: Mediumship, Crystal Healer, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairscent, Clairtangency, Clairgustance, Clairempathy, Channeling/Channel. Plus, she holds seances and clears negative energy/entities from homes and businesses.
Melinda also helps businesses when they are in need of guidance. She can guide businesses if they are struggling with the following: Team Morale, Department Alignment, Leadership Guidance, Critical Crossroads, Start of a New Business, Business Failing, Human Resource Guidance, or a bold new risk. She delivers successful visions for businesses large or small in every industry.
Melinda also has her own Paranormal Team: Enchanted Visions Paranormal, where we help families deal with anything paranormal that is happening in their home or business.
Melinda is also a published author with 7 books published from numerous traditional publishers. Her latest book “Death Beads” was published in Dec. 2020. She is currently writing a book about Rescue Mediumship.
When she came to terms with her abilities, she decided to utilize them to help others. Currently, Melinda lives in the majestic mountains in Arizona, with her husband and two adult children, plus her cat Feather. Melinda is a Rescue Medium, and is a member of The Other Side Paranormal Group and Co-Founder of Bat Paranormal West Coast, and owner of Enchanted Visions Paranormal, she is also a model/actress with A List Models and Talent, and her most recent acting was in “Carolina’s Calling” where she was an extra and a featured extra.
Contact Melinda: 

Cell 480-364-3977 





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Episode 57: Enchanted Psychic Visions With Melinda Williams

Episode 57: Enchanted Psychic Visions With Melinda Williams

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