DiscoverCourageous RecoveryEpisode 58 - Interview with Craig Lewis
Episode 58 - Interview with Craig Lewis

Episode 58 - Interview with Craig Lewis

Update: 2021-05-12


After surviving several mental health challenges, he became a provider. He developed a healing workshop, based on a book he authored, and he has traveled the world promoting his programs.

Craig reached out to me via LinkedIn, sometime in the last half of 2020 – we chatted for a while via WhatsApp and decided he would be a great guest for this podcast. However, at that time accessing a decent internet connection was quite challenging for him, so we agreed to wait a few months.

He now describes himself as a Mexican immigrant, a refugee from the United States, who actually left Boston in 2018, touring Europe with his program. He then toured some parts of Quebec and also spent a good amount of time in the Southwestern part of the United States before moving to Central Mexico, as a full-time resident in 2019.

Craig now touts that he’s happy to live a much less stressful life compared to the culture of immediacy, comfort, and convenience, of his home country. In Mexico, he feels that people are more respectful of the basics and of what matters. As an immigrant and refugee, it is a joy for him to be a contributing member of his community, using his character, energy, and presence to serve the local citizens.

Here's a link to get his latest book: The Craig Lewis Guide to Surviving the Impossible.  

The book serves as a workbook, as Craig outlines how he overcame some extremely difficult life circumstances. After each chapter, he offers suggestions for the reader as tools for personal follow-up and application.

You can contact Craig here:









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Episode 58 - Interview with Craig Lewis

Episode 58 - Interview with Craig Lewis

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