DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 59 - "Michelle"
Episode 59 - "Michelle"

Episode 59 - "Michelle"

Update: 2021-09-26


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*In this episode of Life After MLM, we talk about the MLM Pure Romance, which includes adult themes and situations. This episode is recommended for 18+ and if you are sensitive to this subject matter, please use your own discretion.*

"Michelle" was ride or die with Pure Romance for almost 19 years, after a messy divorce left her a single mom with a hungry teenage son. Although admittedly shy, the experience opened her up and she found she was a natural at recruiting, growing herself an impressively large team. But "Michelle" started to see the rot of Pure Romance from the inside, and what it really took to stay at the top. It wasn't until a new boyfriend helped her take a hard look at her finances that she woke up from her nearly 2 decade long Kool-Aid fueled haze.

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Episode 59 - "Michelle"

Episode 59 - "Michelle"

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