DiscoverAs UnFake As It GetsEpisode 6: Disclaimers
Episode 6: Disclaimers

Episode 6: Disclaimers

Update: 2021-04-16


In this 6th instalment of "As UnFake As It Gets" history is made yet again by a 6th episode being made from the only podcast in the world with an African American co-host and a full blooded Native American Indian of the Choctaw Tribe host! | The guys start out giving praise to rap legend/hip-hop icon/philanthropist DMX so I must say here in the show notes RIP DMX! | The co-host is Muff aka M.U. Double aka Muffin So Black aka Muffin Too Black aka Mr Rough Rugged & Raw aka Triple R and if course the host is Nick aka Nicky Podcast aka Nicky J Fox aka Professor Podcast aka Mr Hold Nothing Back aka Mr From Failure To Phenom! | There's a few trending topics that the guys discuss such as the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine having a recall, Nick saying the Jansen vaccine only made him sweat a lot, also a very good topic they get into is how girls on OnlyFans should have disclaimers saying that non of their pictures are nude because Nick bought a subscription from Lilith Cavali's OnlyFans to only find out there are only Instagram type pictures, Nick paid $7 to find this out and as he was scrolling Lilith's OnlyFans he saw she had another premium tier for $10 thinking okay this is where the nudes must be only to find out that it's just Instagram related pics on there as well, Nick then saw a $50 tier but decided hell no. Nick spoke with Lilith on OnlyFans and she informed him that she doesn't show nipples, her kitty Kat or her butthole but this is after Nick paid $17. | To top it off Muff told Nick that the "Cash Me Ousyde How Bout Dah" girl Bhad Bhabie recently turned 18 and started an OnlyFans charging $24 bucks, needless to say Nick paid it just to cure his curiosity if there were any nudes but they weren't, there were only Instagram related pictures so that's why we feel they should be disclaimers on pics that don't show it all. | Nick also plays a few new music song clips and introduces Muff to the YouTube viralness of "Sing-Offs" where 2 singers choose an instrumental beat and sing bars from 20 different songs each mashed up into one song. | You can YouTube by searching Conor Maynard Sing-Offs. | Nick also introduces Muff to the song "Punchline" that swept X-Factor lovers off their feet in the early 2010's. | The guys also have a few shooting the breeze topics that you're sure to enjoy! | Follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @AsUnFakePodcast | Visit our website and sign up for our email list | Feel free to become a supporter by sending any amount you see fit via Cash App to $Nick8807 or send any amount you see fit via PayPal to @nickyppinc | Email us | We do not own any rights to any audio played into this episode! | Download the app Podcast Republic on Android or if you're an iOS user just visit


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Episode 6: Disclaimers

Episode 6: Disclaimers

Nicholas Weaver