DiscoverThe GSE PodcastEpisode 6 - "Electrifying the Future": Inside TLD with Jeff Barrett
Episode 6 - "Electrifying the Future": Inside TLD with Jeff Barrett

Episode 6 - "Electrifying the Future": Inside TLD with Jeff Barrett

Update: 2023-09-06


Join host Matt Weitzel in this enlightening episode of "The GSE Podcast" as he travels to Windsor, Connecticut, to visit TLD's North American headquarters. Nestled in a picturesque New England setting, this episode dives deep into the world of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) with industry expert Jeff Barrett.

With over five years at TLD and a rich history with Textron, Jeff Barrett shares his unique journey from the automotive and golf sectors to the dynamic realm of GSE. His transition, marked by leadership and innovation, has been instrumental in shaping TLD's vision for the future.

The episode is nostalgic as Jeff reminisces about his early days at TLD, highlighting the company's collaboration with Amazon Air. Jeff provides a firsthand account of Amazon Air's meteoric rise in the cargo space from its infancy to its current stature.

As the conversation shifts gears, the focus turns to the future of GSE - electrification. Jeff delves into TLD's impressive lineup of electrical products, from baggage tractors to cargo loaders. The highlight? The JET-16 electric bag tractor and the innovative hybrid solutions bridge the gap between traditional and electric GSE.

Telemetry, a game-changer in the GSE industry, is also discussed. Jeff elaborates on how TLD's telemetry system, linked with its warranty system, ensures quality and efficiency from the production floor to the tarmac.

"Electrifying the Future: A GSE Evolution with Jeff Barrett" is a blend of personal narratives, industry insights, and a glimpse into the electrified future of GSE. A must-listen for those keen on understanding the next phase of ground support equipment. Available wherever you get your podcasts! Dive in as we navigate the electrifying journey of GSE with TLD.

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Episode 6 - "Electrifying the Future": Inside TLD with Jeff Barrett

Episode 6 - "Electrifying the Future": Inside TLD with Jeff Barrett

Matt Weitzel