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Episode 61 – Wolfhound

Episode 61 – Wolfhound

Update: 2017-12-08


2006’s Wolfhound, directed and written by Nikolai Lebedev, based on the novel by Maria Semyonova, is another super-Russian fantasy film, from a much different era than Ruslan & Ludmila.  Matt and Drew both found a lot to like in this, but agreed that it desperately needed another pass in the editing room.

Wolfhound is based on a Russian novel of the same title, the first in a four-book series that draws inspiration from Slavic, Celtic, and Norse mythology; Conan The Barbarian; and Lord Of The Rings.  While we could definitely identify the Conan influence, we really struggled to pick out any bits that evoked the same feelings as Lord Of The Rings.

The film was apparently massively successful in Russia, Scandinavian countries, and the Baltic states, so much that it spawned a 12-episode television series, Young Wolfhound, which chronicled the early life of the title character.

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Episode 61 – Wolfhound

Episode 61 – Wolfhound

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