DiscoverBinge ThinkingEpisode 61 - Property Investment with Gabi Billing
Episode 61 - Property Investment with Gabi Billing

Episode 61 - Property Investment with Gabi Billing

Update: 2020-05-27


Like many young people, you may feel like you'll never own your own home. Between stagnant wages, a never-ending property boom, tax breaks like negative gearing and a general sense that the system is rigged, many young Australians feel that the whole property question is cooked. And it seems the only young people that can afford to buy houses are those who have rich parents.

Well, to challenge this view, we bring you Caspar’s conversation with 26 year old buyers agent, small business owner, and yes, property investor Gabi Billing.

But this isn't a story about a silver spoon fortune. Like many listeners, Gabi began her working life as a creative - a musician, dancer and visual artist, and worked in the music festival and events industry. But after spontaneously deciding to buy an apartment off the plan with her partner Goose, Gabi realised she’d made every classic property mistake in the book!

After some soul searching and a lot of learning, Goose and Gabi founded the youth-focused buyers agent Dashdot, which helps people avoid the very mistakes they made and advocates for buyers throughout the process of purchasing a property.

If you're wondering whether you want to hear a podcast about property, rest assured that as always, we went binge thinking deep on this one. Gabi and Caspar discuss her life growing up in regional Victoria, how she met Goose and why they ended up buying that apartment. Gabi reflects on the property narrative among young people, the foundations of Dashdot, the types of “cashflow-positive” property they identify for people, how much money you need to do this, the logic behind paying for a buyers agent, whether it's moral to want to build your wealth, living a balanced life beyond the financial, the prevalence of pessimism, the old boys culture of real estate, and 'The Investor Lab' community that Gabi and Goose are building.

If you enjoy listening to Gabi, you can also subscribe to her podcast (also called “The Investor Lab”) which delves deeper into the Dashdot philosophy and property investment.

You can check out the Seed of Life framework uses to reflect and audit her life here.

This episode was produced and edited in isolation by Caspar Roxburgh, features music by Big Gigantic, and was sponsored by PRISM coffee. Get 10% off by entering the code “BingeThinkCoffee” and receive free delivery for orders over $50 Australia-wide.









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Episode 61 - Property Investment with Gabi Billing

Episode 61 - Property Investment with Gabi Billing

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