DiscoverOur Hen HouseEpisode 618: Save the Animals, Save Ourselves w/ Sue Fischer and Dr. Judy Brangman
Episode 618: Save the Animals, Save Ourselves w/ Sue Fischer and Dr. Judy Brangman

Episode 618: Save the Animals, Save Ourselves w/ Sue Fischer and Dr. Judy Brangman

Update: 2021-11-13


This week, Our Hen House is excited to welcome two amazing guests to the show, each an inspirational example of what is happening at the grassroots of the vegan movement! Our first guest, animal rights activist (and flock member!) Sue Fischer joins us to discuss the damage cattle ranchers and dairy farmers are inflicting on the land and wildlife of California’s Point Reyes National Seashore. She explains why politicians don’t seem to be paying attention to local residents and animal advocates who are questioning the practice. Sue also describes the collaboration between activists, private citizens, biologists, photographers, conservationists, and others who share the common cause of saving the National Seashore and saving all of its inhabitants, including the iconic and rare Tule Elk.

Related to the campaign, Our Hen House is also honored to share a very moving song written by talented musician (and also flock member!) Charity Kahn and her band The Invisible Bee. The Tule Elk Song supports the movement to save the indigenous elk in Point Reyes National Park from the threat of starvation and murder as a result of the private ranching industry's stronghold on our public lands. 

Vegan since 2012, Sue Fischer has worked as a registered dietitian for about 15 years. Her previous advocacy had predominantly been related to food—encouraging people to eat more plants and less (preferably no) animals. It was the fall of 2018 when Sue viewed the documentary, The Shame of Point Reyes. Her discovery left her feeling incredibly sad for the suffering elk and cows, launching her activism in this area. Her current work brings together many of the most critical issues we currently face when advocating for wildlife impacted by climate change, the harms of animal agriculture, and the importance of our national park system.

Our second guest on today’s show, Dr. Judy Brangman, is a board-certified internal medicine and lifestyle medicine physician. An advocate for whole food plant-based diets, Dr. Judy is affectionately known as “The Plant Based MD.” She joins us to share her extensive knowledge of plant-based nutrition and gives us the inside scoop into the medical profession. She describes about how she became involved in promoting the plant-based lifestyle (both virtually and in person), the goals of her practice, and her experience with COVID-19. Dr. Judy also shares how making small changes towards changing your diet can have a significant impact on your health.

As the founder and owner of Newell Health, a lifestyle medicine company, Dr. Judy Brangman helps individuals make effective lifestyle changes that can prevent and reverse chronic diseases. She is mindful of medication interactions and aims to help her patients minimize their medication dependence as much as possible. A native of Bermuda, Dr. Judy obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree from Wake Forest School of Medicine and completed her Internal Medicine residency at East Carolina University/Vidant Hospital. It was during residency when she saw the devastating consequences that poor health can have from a physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual standpoint, that she began to search for ways to prevent chronic diseases. It was then that she first learned about plant-based nutrition. Since then Dr. Judy has gone on to obtain a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

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Episode 618: Save the Animals, Save Ourselves w/ Sue Fischer and Dr. Judy Brangman

Episode 618: Save the Animals, Save Ourselves w/ Sue Fischer and Dr. Judy Brangman

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