DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 62 - John Terbizan
Episode 62 - John Terbizan

Episode 62 - John Terbizan

Update: 2021-10-032


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John was never in an MLM, but both of his parents were, as he juggled living between their homes. From an MLM hobbyist mother, who ran the gamut from Avon to Tastefully Simple, to John's deeply entrenched Herbalife peddling father, MLM was all around him growing up. I knew getting the perspective of the victims we don't think about, and the side effects of dragging children through the toxic complex of MLM would produce some eye opening discussions. Our conversation started off light but ended up getting pretty deep into some topics I didn't expect, like food poverty, the long lasting effects of growing up in hustle culture, and the buried feelings John has about what he was subjected to as a minor, often against his own will.

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Herbalife Faces a Fresh Legal Hurdle -

LuLaRoe VICE Documentary -

John Oliver Last Week Tonight - JD Ridinger "Dimaryp" -

Dr. Steven Hassan's BITE Model -

Ponzinomics by Robert L. FitzPatrick -

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Episode 62 - John Terbizan

Episode 62 - John Terbizan

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