DiscoverThe #InVinoFab PodcastEpisode #63: #CovidCampus: Doing the Best We Can to "Go Remote"
Episode #63: #CovidCampus: Doing the Best We Can to "Go Remote"

Episode #63: #CovidCampus: Doing the Best We Can to "Go Remote"

Update: 2020-03-17


On this @InVinoFab episode we bring you a timely conversation in light of the evolving situation and events due to the Coronavirus. We have a digital roundtable all about going remote, that is, what it is like to transition to remote teaching, learning, students support, and work in higher education with @ Katie__Linder, @jeffjacksonTX, & @bonni208. Based on the issues we are all facing to prepare, we decided to come together for a purpose to reflect and share about the state of things and how college and university institutions might prepare as they shutdown face-to-face operations and encourage everyone to move online. We talk about a range of plans, support, and strategies to be implemented and how we are “doing the best we can” as COVID-19 impacts our campus communities.  Advice to take care of yourself, family & work team:

  • Take a walk or go for a run

  • Get outside for fresh air

  • Keep a full-nights’ sleep & rest

  • Meditation: Apps to try?  Calm, 10% Happier (free), & Headspace

  • Eating healthy

  • Get silly & social with those at home

  • Clean your house

  • Ask who needs help – childcare, tech support, etc.

  • Read books

  • Relax from your typical routines 

  • Keep to your fitness routine

  • Enjoy the quiet/down time now

  • Just breathe

  • Show gratitude

How do you ensure your remote plan to go digital is accessible and does not exclude anyone? This might be remote teaching, learning, student support, or work for your staff/faculty. How are you preparing for these potential barriers and needs to accommodate your campus stakeholders?Resources to “Go Remote”:Curated docs with resources:Higher Ed Support & Guidance During COVID-19: Teaching, Learning & Student Support
[Share this URL: Learning: Digital Tools to Quickly Transition Teaching & Student Support Online [Share this URL:]

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Episode #63: #CovidCampus: Doing the Best We Can to "Go Remote"

Episode #63: #CovidCampus: Doing the Best We Can to "Go Remote"

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