DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 63 - "Ariel"
Episode 63 - "Ariel"

Episode 63 - "Ariel"

Update: 2021-10-101


*This episode is intended for 18+, and contains discussions on disordered eating, compromising situations and mentions toxic ideas on forgiving sexual trauma, in stories as retold by the guest. Please use discretion when listening to this episode if these topics may be triggering to you.*

In 2019 "Ariel" joined Optavia as a customer to help her maintain her weight as she weaned herself off cigarettes at 25 years old. Admittedly a bad idea in hindsight, she takes us down a wild ride of what life inside this MLM cult of health and wellness looked like, expensive disordered eating, dangerous caloric deficits, trauma and toxic diet culture. The deeper she got into Optavia, the worse her disordered eating became, counting calories, then binging, punishing herself with extra exercise, and even causing concern to strangers on the internet. "Ariel"'s openness to being so loyal to the cult and "business" lead to finding herself in a scary situation she wasn't sure how to get out of. But it wasn't until the Covid Pandemic and the aftereffects opened her eyes to what she was really involved with.

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Episode 63 - "Ariel"

Episode 63 - "Ariel"

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