Discoverinspired energyEpisode 63 - Sharon Hespe | The Good Gut Girl
Episode 63 - Sharon Hespe | The Good Gut Girl

Episode 63 - Sharon Hespe | The Good Gut Girl

Update: 2020-06-14


In this episode I chat with Sharon Hespe, a naturopath who is also known as The Good Gut Girl and who wholeheartedly believes that it is possible to change your life through good gut health.

Sharon is passionate about getting to the cause of her patient's gut problems to ensure that they can be addressed correctly, through testing, diet change, and bespoke herbal medicines and supplements. She knows that gut health plays a major role in how you feel mentally and physically.

During the episode we unpack the differences between food allergies and intolerances, why we are seeing a lot more food intolerances in recent times, common symptoms, and why the best thing you can do for your gut is to find out exactly what’s going on for you - don’t guess, get a test.

We also discuss Strengths (Sharon’s top 5 are Empathy, Deliberative, Responsibility, Consistency, Activator) and her awareness of how her Strengths show up within her particular niche.

Key episode highlights include:

  • It becomes easier to listen to the body when it’s not constantly dealing with intolerances.

  • The best thing you can do for your body and its immune system during these times, is focus on your gut health.

  • Stress is one of the biggest contributing and aggravating factors when it comes to food intolerances.

  • With what’s happening in the world we need to adapt not react. We need to build resilience within the body.

You can connect with Sharon and the work she does over on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

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Episode 63 - Sharon Hespe | The Good Gut Girl

Episode 63 - Sharon Hespe | The Good Gut Girl

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