DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 64 - Lori Tedesco
Episode 64 - Lori Tedesco

Episode 64 - Lori Tedesco

Update: 2021-10-174


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This episode contains graphic descriptions of horrific acts, including being drugged, kidnapped, strangled and violent sexual assault. For those who have trouble with these topics, this episode may be triggering. If you wish to listen to this episode and skip the graphic retelling of the event, the timestamps below can help you navigate around that section so you can enjoy the remaining sections of the episode. Please listen at your own discretion.

Lori was just looking to have fun and learn how to do makeup, when she Joined LimeLight as a part time side hustle to her corporate nursing job. She quickly started making waves with her non traditional makeup looks, and getting the attention of several people. including a dangerous man who became obsessed with her. While LimeLight encouraged Lori to keep everything open and public to attract new customers and teammates, it gave her stalker all access to her every move and allowed him the opportunity to find her in real life and play out his toxic fixation. Lori takes us through her harrowing journey, and offers her unique advice to those who have to be in the public eye, but want to keep an air of anonymity for their own safety.


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omg. no warning could prepare me for this. Holy shit

Oct 19th
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Episode 64 - Lori Tedesco

Episode 64 - Lori Tedesco

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