DiscoverNCRAW PodcastEpisode 65: Emily Malloy & Jenée Haynes
Episode 65: Emily Malloy & Jenée Haynes

Episode 65: Emily Malloy & Jenée Haynes

Update: 2019-04-05


Emily Malloy lives in Asheville, NC and works in child mental health with early intervention.  Most of the clients ages 3-5 that Emily works with are 95% victims of sexual related trauma. Emily a survivor of  date rape in high school.  Emily kept this  secret for a long time which lead to at the age of 15 struggling with a eating disorder off and on for 8 years and dabbling with diet pills and cocaine in her early twenties until she almost overdosed on cocaine.  Emily has spoken at universities during April’s sexual assault awareness month this past year. Emily has been on a survivors panel at the Living in a Me Too world conference this past fall. This March Emily had the honor of being one of the keynote speakers at Survivor Knights in Philadelphia. Emily creator of The Mindful Evolution project believes in helping fellow survivors share their story through a creative platform of photography and videography. Emily is a member of the Speakers Bureau for RAINN and in sharing her story her hope is to help break the silence because if silence is a predator's best friend then we must rise up and support each other.

"For ten years, addiction stole my life and my joy. During these years, I experienced incarceration, homelessness, domestic violence, and severe sexual trauma. I tried many times to get clean, and never succeeded. One year ago, I bought alcohol and drugs and went home alone with intent to kill myself. I was absolutely miserable and broken inside, so broken that not even my children, my relationship, my family, or friends could fix it. What happened next was truly a miracle, an act of God. Love showed up in the form of so many humans. I was given an opportunity to participate in a 30 day program in Florida and the amazing group of individuals who work here showed me what true healing and recovery is all about. It saved my life. Today I was surrounded by my family and friends who have become family. Today I have real joy. Today, I can heal. Today I have a voice and help be a voice to survivors. Today I can love and be loved. I am so full of gratitude. Miracles do happen.

In case you forgot...

You’re loved. You matter."~Jenée Haynes

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Episode 65: Emily Malloy & Jenée Haynes

Episode 65: Emily Malloy & Jenée Haynes