DiscoverThe #InVinoFab PodcastEpisode #66: Unpacking Privilege
Episode #66: Unpacking Privilege

Episode #66: Unpacking Privilege

Update: 2020-07-10


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There’s been a bit of radio silence from us on the #InVinoFab for a while, and that’s been intentional. We wanted to spend the last month listening, learning, and unlearning -- so you didn’t need to hear from us. Both Patrice & Laura want to make space and amplify other voices. We can learn so much from others and we want to be candid in how we show up and look at “feminism” more broadly in our personal and professional lives. 
A few reflection questions we are thinking of these days: 

  • What memories do you have about what your family taught you about diversity?

  • What childhood experiences did you have with people of different cultures?

  • What does it mean to think of feminism when it is paired with gender identity, sexual orientation, class, race, economics, culture, and more? 

  • How are you thinking about equity and inclusion lately? 

  • What are you doing to impact or change any privilege you might possess? 

“A revolution is not a one time event.” Audrey Lorde, Sister Outsider
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Do you want to join us for a future episode to discuss any of the above? Let us know -- we want to hear from you!








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Episode #66: Unpacking Privilege

Episode #66: Unpacking Privilege

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