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Episode 68 – Strange Magic

Episode 68 – Strange Magic

Update: 2018-09-14


Why? Why? WHY?! 2015’s Strange Magic, directed by Gary Rydstrom and written by Rydstrom, David Berenbaum, and Irene Mecchi – from an idea and story by George Lucas – is a “computer-animated jukebox musical fantasy romantic comedy.” And yes, that is every bit as big of a flustercluck as it sounds. It may have been the least enjoyable Reel Fantasy viewing experience Matt and Drew have ever had.

Strange Magic was inspired by George Lucas’ long-time wish to create a film that his daughters would enjoy and features the voices of Evan Rachel Wood as Marianne; Alan Cumming as The Bog King; Kristin Chenoweth as The Sugar Plum Fairy; and Alfred Molina as The Fairy King.

The film features an…”eclectic” mix of pop songs sung in-scene by the characters. We largely felt they were chosen in attempts to substitute them for character and plot development. And even then, chosen poorly. Lucas’ earlier American Graffiti was often cited as an influence, but whereas the songs used in that film made complete sense and were organic to the story, the ones in Strange Magic weren’t. At all. Like, never.

On top of everything else, it’s technically a Disney film, being completed and released shortly after the purchase of Lucasfilm.

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Episode 68 – Strange Magic

Episode 68 – Strange Magic

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