DiscoverReel FantasyEpisode 69 – The Warrior & The Sorceress
Episode 69 – The Warrior & The Sorceress

Episode 69 – The Warrior & The Sorceress

Update: 2018-09-21


1984’s The Warrior & The Sorceress, directed by John C. Broderick and written by Broderick and William Stout, is a welcome return to good ol’ fashioned 1980s sword-and-sorcery. Despite some quibbles, Matt and Drew ended up enjoying it quite a bit! That’s a sensation that will not last!

The Warrior & The Sorceress was “heavily inspired” by the Akira Kurosawa film, Yojimbo, and stars David Carradine as Kain; Luke Askew as Zeg;  and Maria Socas as Naja, the titular sorceress.

The film is the first one featured on Reel Fantasy from renowned B-movie producer, Roger Corman, although Corman opted to remain uncredited. It was the second of nine films that Corman produced in Argentina, the first being another glorious sword-and-sorcery cheesefest, Deathstalker, which spawned several sequels…and which we’ll probably end up talking about sooner or later!

And we keep our horribly insensitive David Carradine jokes to a minimum, so don’t hold your breath waiting for them.

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Episode 69 – The Warrior & The Sorceress

Episode 69 – The Warrior & The Sorceress

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