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Episode 7: Late Bloomers Run Club

Episode 7: Late Bloomers Run Club

Update: 2019-07-13


I am so excited to share these 3 stories of the woman who started a little later their life and are doing amazing things. I call them the Late Bloomer Running Club. 

First up is Deb, who started to run at the age of 59, after she lost 90 pounds. She got hooked and has done 204 races from everywhere between a 1k to a 100 miler. She talks about the things she has learned along the way, and she isn't even close to slowing down. She race card is booked into 2020.

Next up is Tonia, who JUST started running in February at the age of 53 because of a new years resolution where she wanted to say yes to anything that would lower her stress level. It turns out, Tonia is a total speed demon and did an 8-minute mile on her 5k!

The last interview is Beth Whitman who started questioning the stories she was telling herself in her 50's and led her to question if she could really run a marathon, and then another, and then an ultra and so on. She is on fire with her goal motivation and has paired her new running passion with her travel background/career. This year she is doing 5 ultras on 5 different Hawaiin islands, and next year, she is running races in the big 4 deserts around the world. Whoa. She also has a great podcast called She's Bold









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Episode 7: Late Bloomers Run Club

Episode 7: Late Bloomers Run Club

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