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Episode 7: Use Of Technology In Education

Episode 7: Use Of Technology In Education

Update: 2020-03-04


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‘It’s not about technology. It’s about what technology enables you to do.’ Dr Gary Motteram, University of Manchester

This episode examines the increasingly prominent role of digital technology in education in South Asia. After hearing from Ayesha Kabeer of DevTrio Consultants, Pakistan, Professor Simon Borg interviews Dr Gary Motteram, considering how to manage obstacles which new technology might bring, and make the most of the opportunities it undoubtedly offers. 

The episode includes discussion of the following research and initiatives:

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Students, computers and learning (OECD, 2015):

Ilm on wheels (Center for Education Innovations, 2012):

Motteram, G. (ed). Teaching and technology: case studies from India (British Council, 2017):

Education in focus: South Asia is a podcast series aiming to promote a better understanding of relevant research, key challenges and innovations related to improving teaching and learning in South Asia. It includes episodes on areas such as ‘Inclusive education’, ‘Raising learning outcomes’ and ‘Educational planning’.

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Episode 7: Use Of Technology In Education

Episode 7: Use Of Technology In Education

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